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About Us

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VA KADPA was established as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization in 2011 to advocate for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Today, VA KADPA serves the Korean-American families living in the Fairfax, Loudoun, Arlington and Prince William counties and Richmond. We work to achieve the “Dreams of Our Members”We are volunteer manned and managed organization.


Achieve the dreams of our members


Empower and enable individuals with disabilities


1. Provide direct services and programs
2. Enable self-sufficiency and transition to community living
3. Provide financial assistance
4. Lead the way for safe and trustworthy living environment

Services and Areas of Focus

Direct Services

VA KADPA works with community organizations and government entities to ensure appropriate and relevant services are provided to our families. VA KADPA provides interpretation and translation services, represents and advocates for families at various meetings with government entities, and coordinates services to the disabled individuals and their family members.

Information and Referral

VA KADPA provides critical information about local, state, and federal resources.


VA KADPA hosts and organizes information exchanges, educational workshops and seminars to promote awareness and understanding of disabled peoples’ rights and benefits. The covered topics include: Medicaid Waivers, community transition and job opportunities, guardianship, financial management, and special needs trust. Volunteers also translate various articles and forms into Korean.

Financial Assistance

VA KADPA provides financial assistance to its members as needed.


VA KADPA provides opportunities for members to socialize, learn skills, and grow in a supportive and safe environment. The goal is to increase self-expression and self-advocacy for better transition and adjustment to community living.